Operation Ready by 3 realizes that a child needs the following for 21st century learning:

1)  Curiosity
2)  Flexibility and coping skills for changing circumstances
3)  Engagement 
4)  Sociability
5)  Creativity
6)  Ability to search, filter and forget
7)  Critical and flexible thinking  skills
8)  Enthusiasm about his or her      own potential
9)  Awareness of his or her preferred mode of sensory processing
10)  At least one caring,
 engaged adult in his or her life
11)  Trust in and attachment to others
12) Appreciation for differences in people, including differences of thoughts, ideas, and opinions
13)  A global perspective
14)  Willingness to serve others
15)  Ability to include others who are different than him or her

School Readiness Begins at Birth
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Operation Ready by 3 (ORB3) is an organization that focuses on preparing children between birth and three years old to be ready for school in the fast-paced 21st-Century. 

Children have never faced more challenging circumstances
, more distractions or more competition for the attention of adults in this age of infinite television channels, innumerable electronic devices and working parents with ever busier schedules. Increasing numbers of children are showing up deficient in the four core domains of development.

Deficiencies in one or more of these core domains before a child turns three years old can be glaring, but, more commonly, they are easily missed.  Children with deficiencies continue to move through development with gaps, which lead directly to a distinct disadvantage in when they enter a school setting for the first time.   No matter how amazing a teacher is, how well-designed a school curriculum is, children lacking in these four core domains are left with a distinct disadvantage in school compared to their peers.  This disadvantage can stay with children for their entire school career, resulting in behavior problems, self-esteem issues, and the need for special education services.

Research has proven that the rapidly developing infant and toddler brain is broken down into distinct developmental periods. Young children must be exposed to a language-rich environment during these periods and guided to help develop crucial skills. These periods are marked by certain developmental milestones in the four core domains that can be tracked and measured.  

Educators, parents and even pediatricians often take for granted that children are exposed to learning situations, rich environments and appropriate stimuli from birth to three years old as they have been for generations.  Some adults assume that as long as a child has enough toys and is in a "play-based" setting, that crucial school readiness skills are developing in the four core domains.  Some are comforted by the concept of a "child-led" environment that allows children to develop from the standpoint of their unique interests.  But, these types of environments do not guarantee school readiness.  This is made evident by the increasing numbers of children diagnosed with speech and language disorders, attention-deficit disorders, learning difficulties and more.  

Cindi Zarpas, the director of ORB3, has been researching and treating speech, language and learning deficiencies for over 20 years with exceptional results. As the mother of 5 children she has put into practice, on a daily basis, a curriculum that requires no special equipment or fancy toys, but is designed to help children excel in each of these four core domains using what we humans have at our disposal for free:  words. She has also developed assessment and activity tools that allow caregivers, educators and parents to track progress in the four core domains while providing developmentally appropriate language.  By carefully observing and  engaging children in these four core domains, adults give children the skills they need to succeed in school and to function in today's fast-paced, collaborative and media-rich world. 

ORB3 is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of training educators, caregivers and individuals to consider the period from birth to three with a new perspective.  At Operation Ready by 3, we provide not only the tools and curricula to help every child get ready for school, but also offer training to those adults who want to see every child succeed in school. Sometimes all it takes is for somebody to explain something differently for another person to say, "Wow, I never thought of it like that. Thank you" and begin to change the life of a child.  Sometimes the people in a child's life simply need the right tools to get a child ready for school and beyond.  

And - for those of us who have the responsibility of getting children ready for their world, it's also about us.  We, the parents, nannies, grandparents, caregivers, pediatricians, and others, who have the daunting task of helping a child meet his or her full potential, need real life to work for us when we are caring for children.  We need accurate and current information, so that we can give infants and toddlers the best of what we and the world can offer them. 
                                                                                               --- Cindi Zarpas
Contact Information

To find out how to get involved with Operation Ready by 3, to make a donation to help us with our mission or to make the life of a 0-3 year old child better, contact us!  Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.  Feel free to call for more information at (757) 287-5100. 

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