Online Coaching and Classes

ORB3 Coaching and ORB3 Classes


Do you want to give your child the best start in life, the one you know he/she needs and deserves? Do you want to build brain connections that your child will need to be successful in school? Operation Ready by 3 equips amazing parents, care providers with tools, materials and information they need to raise healthy, happy babies and toddlers who are ready for school by the age of 3.  

On-going ORB3 Learning Opportunities

Operation Ready by 3 has on-going online coaching sessions and scheduled in-person classes in the McLean/Vienna, VA area for parents, caregivers and child care providers, including nannies, daycare professionals and middle/high school babysitters. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to hear about dates/times of scheduled classes as they are announced!

What People Are Saying About ORB3

T.C. and J.C. at Healthy Families Fairfax reported "awesome feedback" from the Socialization Playgroup in Reston, VA.  Parents of babies/toddlers and home visiting professionals "loved everything" about the information provided and the unique ORB3 activities that the group practiced with their little ones. They loved the "fun, light and playful vibe" of the ORB3 presentation!

Parents & Partners Deal!

When one parent signs up for an ORB3 in-person class, a second parent, partner or care provider can attend for an additional $39 and will receive an ORB3 Goals/Activities booklet for one additional age-group free (Nearly a $40 savings!)

ORB3 Materials Are Available

Parents, caregivers and child care providers want to work as a team as they build babies' and toddlers' brains.  Using ORB3 materials, all people in a baby's or toddler's life can work together to support development of language, social-emotional and sensory processing skills for school readiness by the age of 3.

ORB3 Has Answers!

Can I sign up for coaching as well as an in-person class?  Yes!  The more information and activities you are armed with to build a child's brain, the better!

Will I receive a certificate at the end of an in-person class? Yes! You can show the certificate to potential employers to get the job you want or to current employers to get the pay you deserve as a trained child care provider!