Every child has the capacity to be everything.
--Doris Lessing, writer
School Readiness Begins at Birth


Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future---John F. Kennedy

Caring about the school readiness and development of infants and toddlers is more that what I do -- it's who I am. So why my obsession with infants and toddlers being ready to go to school? 

The development that happens between 0 and 36 months is -- fundamentally and at its core -- the development of a human being.  I define this period of development as the school readiness period since it is the time when crucial language, social, emotional and sensory skills develop, reaching far beyond the boundaries of reading and writing, to get a child ready for school.

Every day that a child develops their language, social, emotional and sensory skills, they become closer to meeting their fullest potential as a human being and, of course, as a student.  Infants and toddlers prepare daily for the task of being a pre-schooler and kindergartner -- when formal learning will take up so much of their time -- but for the first 36 months of their lives, they learn to love and be loved, to trust and attach, to use their senses to take in their world effortlessly,  to get along with others and to speak.  I ask myself every day "What could be more important than these skills?"

Children who are effective communicators, relate to others and take in their world effortlessly using their 5 senses live in flow and ride the waves of life with ease and comfort because they know the undeniable power that comes from within themselves.  The more children live in tune with themselves and become powerful communicators, social beings and sensory sponges, the more connected they become to those around them in order to learn to be people that are so desperately needed in our world right now -- innovators, inventors, creators, servants to others, critical thinkers and problem solvers.  Of course there will be bumps along the way -- anyone who knows about infants and toddlers knows that to be true.  But getting it done right in the first three years of life makes the next 15 years that much easier.

Becoming human and getting ready for school starts the day a child is born and that is my purpose:  to guide infants and toddlers through the journey to that first day of school, with all the power they have inside to communicate and relate to others -- so they can meet their fullest potential as a human being.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
--Nelson Mandela, politician and Nobel Peace Prize winner

My passion for infants and toddler development is driven by over 20 years of experience working as a speech-language pathologist.  While working to help my clients reach their fullest potential as communicators and social beings, I was also helping my own 5 children reach the same goals.  While doing double duty as a professional and mother, I experienced a life-changing revelation:  I discovered my personal brand of interacting with children and helping them discover their power from within -- the power to understand and use language, to socialize with others, to understand their own and others' emotions and to take in their world through hearing, seeing, tasting, touching and smelling. Discovering my brand had little to do with traditional work outputs in my field (such as billable hours and insurance filings) or in mothering my children (such as for how many activities I signed up my children, how many expensive toys I could buy them, and how fabulous my house looked at any given point). It had everything to do with the shifts that I help create in the children whose lives I am lucky enough to touch.  Ever since that "Aha" moment, my journey has unfolded seamlessly.  I am living true to my life's purpose by guiding children to reach their fullest potential as students, citizens and human beings.


My Credentials
Education coupled with hands-on experience is paramount -- the former plants the seeds while the later gives way to growth and the development of a philosophy and approach that can only come from me.  

  • MA Speech-Language Pathology-- George Washington University
  • BS Linguistics -- Georgetown University 
  • PROMPT training (2000) -- PROMPT Institute
  • Daily self-study and research -- Auditory and Visual Processing, Communication and Social Skills, Emotional Intelligence, School Readiness Skills and Standards of Learning, Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking, and so much more.

-Cindi Stevens Zarpas, Founder and President
Operation Ready By 3, LLC

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